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Come Share with us your Enthusiasm, your Spirit,
and your Love for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Grantson, Welcomes You!


Dear Friend,

We thank you for visiting with us on our Website. We hope the information you are looking for is here and perhaps you may want to come to our Worship Service at 10:30 am one of these coming Sundays. We are also one congregation in two locations (Mitchellville: Worship on Sunday at 1030am Temple Hills: Worship on Saturday at 4:00pm). You are always invited and welcome! Our hope is that you will “Come Journey with Us” in our pilgrimage on earth.

We are one of the few African American Lutheran Congregations in the metro Washington DC suburban area. We are Afro-centric in our cultural perspective and Christian in our worldview. Our congregation is also diverse – Caribbean, African, White, Black, Latino. We provide African language (Akan) skills and travel to Africa regularly.

In addition to all the programming that churches provide, we also offer African Drum and Dance called Mantsim-Adze in Akan, where you may learn to play African drum and/or dance.  Rehearsals are on every 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month in Temple Hills, Maryland at 12:00 noon. For parents with teenagers, we offer Rites of Passage programs, intended to assist young people to spiritually grow their minds alongside their physical bodies. To help them determine what they want to do when they grow up and how to navigate through life as a child of God. We also encourage and organize group trips to Africa for cultural, historical and spiritual development.

Come share with us your enthusiasm, your spirit, and your love for Jesus Christ.

AKWAABA (Welcome)!

Pastor Emmanuel Grantson