Property Management Team

The goal of the Property Management Team is to create and sustain a religious campus that promotes balanced stewardship between property management and utilization in a safe, secure, and attractive way, consistent with the direction and mission of St. Michael’s Truth Church.

  • Recruit members from the congregation as needed
  • Ensure that the church building(s) and yard are properly maintained
  • Keep the main sanctuary and fellowship hall clean
  • Keep walkways and parking shoveled
  • Keep the grass and shrubberies trimmed
  • Provide for periodical painting
  • Have necessary repairs made as soon as possible
  • Install and remove fan/air conditioners as needed
  • Monitor thermostat setting
  • Make inventory and order janitorial supplies and maintenance equipment
  • Handle issues related to property vis a vis individuals, financial and/or other church institutions as well as the government
  • Make budget recommendation for maintenance and replacement funds
  • Report quarterly to the Council and annually to the Congregation