What We Believe

St. Michael’s Truth Church and its ministries were initiated through a merger of two small Lutheran congregations in Prince George’s County, Maryland in the year 2000. (St. Michael Evangelical Lutheran Church and Truth Evangelical Church). St. Michael which was organized in 1968 was itself a merger of two congregations (Good Shepherd of Palmer Park and St. Andrew of Capitol Heights in Maryland). Truth was a mission start that was organized with multiple staff by the Evangelical Outreach and Congregational Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in 1996.

St Michael and Truth started worshipping together in October 1999 because St. Michael needed pastoral help and Truth needed a worship space. In other words, St Michael had a building and other facilities but no pastor, while Truth had a pastor but no house of worship. Both were predominantly African-American, lived in the same neighborhoods, belonged to the same Synod, but had different worship styles.

Eventually, the worship styles would become one of the strengths of St. Michael’s Truth (SMT) as the two congregations became seriously engaged in merger talks. A vote was taken separately to merge in June 2000 and a consolidation of the congregation occurred in October the same year. St. Michael’s Truth celebrated its eleventh anniversary in October 2011.

St. Michael’s Truth is a vibrant Church in Prince George’s County, Maryland and it continues to attract visitors as the congregation moves forward in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through its various ministries.

The members of St. Michael’s Truth seek to make their congregation an exciting place for multi-ethnic, afro-centric, active, supportive and assertive group of Christians who are pro-mission and pro-ministry…a place in Prince George’s County and the Metro area where individuals, Churches and communities can look to, for cultural and spiritual leadership…a place of influence in the African-American and other ethnic communities throughout the United States because of what we know as people of faith and what we do to accomplish the mission of Jesus on earth.

In its brief history, St. Michael’s Truth has been faithfully served by three pastors since 1968. They are the late Rev. John Lane, the Rev. Michael Koch, and the Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Grantson, our current pastor.